Friday, 6 April 2012

How Ares Galaxy Evolved

Ares Galaxy is a piece of software that has changed so much since it first started back in 2002. The basic function has always been the same - to provide a platform which allows people to share all types of files with each other with no barriers or problems which could get in the way. This is how the industry works, there are many other systems that provide the same functionality as this but do it in different ways, so we want to talk about the features it provides and how it has been altered over the ten years it has been alive and working.

In the first few versions of the program, it was based on the Gnutella platform and didn't have its own P2P network. This wasn't a great thing at all - it really limited the amount of features that could be implemented as well as the number of files that could be obtained. It didn't take long for the developers to realise this was a mistake and then decided to create their own network that only Ares Galaxy could run on. It took a lot of time for this to happen, especially since the technology at the time was rather new and hadn't fully been worked out yet. This proved to be a good decision in the end, though.

One of the biggest pieces of software in the industry at the time, called Napster, had just shut down after facing huge legal problems. This left a huge gap in the market - there was no other really popular tools so it was wide open, any program could take over. When the tool switched over to its own P2P network, it surged in popularity and suddenly hundreds of thousands of new years were joining and installing the software onto their computers. It was exactly what was needed, although it still had to face legal troubles of its own.

In 2004 and 2005, the Government really wanted Ares free to be shut down for good. It was getting too popular for them and the media corporations and they thought it had to go, so the developers decided the best way to get around it was to release the source code of the application so that even if the Government shut down the official website, the network could never be fully shut down. This idea worked perfectly and has meant that even today files can still be downloaded perfectly with no issues.

These days the file sharing application still provides the ability to obtain files but also does much more too. For example, there's a media player, chat facility and even an internet browser all of which are included free of charge. These are features you wouldn't have gotten back in the day and are there to make life easier and better for you. Users love these extra features, which is how Ares Galaxy has become the great piece of software that it is today. Joining the world's largest file sharing network is recommended if you're interested in this, but we don't take any responsibility if you do.

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